Laptop Care Tips

Believe it or not  a Laptop is like your body and needs to be taken real care of 

Its real fragile and  even more fragile THAN A BAG FULL OF Eggs or Isn't it? Well some how... Now let me throw you a question,and wow!  I'm going to offer you  a $1000.00 that is, if you answer it right:) 

here it comes...mind you this question isn't that easy fella

Which of these two objects will first get cracked if The are both thrown down from a high elevation ?

(a) A Laptop   and (B) A Cooked egg

I know you are a genius but you may have gotten the answer wrong hmm

Nature Of A Laptop

I'm going to leave you to ponder a while on that while I commence to make my point clear.
  Laptops are delicate machines unlike desktops that have real hard protection all over them.A laptop is very prone to scratches which can quickly mar that shiny plastic ornaments that beautify it and with just a few weeks handling a brand new laptop can look like many years old that is if you don't treat it like an egg.

A laptop can be easily stepped on and sustain a fracture and get  its liquid crystal element splash 'beautifully' across its screen so that you need to buy and fix a new one.And that can easily happen when you  hold it under arm in a crowded street. it may get a good jolly jostle by one real busy passerby.

A laptop hate dust literally. its one of its worst enemy I don't know why but sooner your laptop finds itself around dusts of any kind the sooner it starts acting real funny like clogging your laptop's cooling unit that's the fan which will lead to some freezing moments which you really don't like  sometimes you might want to press a single key on the keyboard and suddenly it types out a thousand characters dust and grains at work

sharing flash drives harphazardly or any removable media can expose  your laptop to real viral, trojan ,worm infection which might render it useless to you. it catches it real fast and before you know it you'll be be hitch hiking for a solution that might not be that easy to procure

laptops are very prone to shocks of all kind especially the memory because of its vulnerability to Electro Static discharge  so, as an added protection most companies integrate special shock proof devices that are unfortunately  not perfectly protective so you need to provide extra shock proof devices for added safety like using voltage surge protectors

Do you you know that your laptop can get forgetful suddenly and start telling you those technical jargons you often see on a blue screen and that means in advance that you need backup plan in background to keep your files safe.I  don't trust mine enough either so there's backup.

How To Give Your Laptop A good Long Life

Its simple  and doesn't require much labor but it sure requires a very careful attention and consistency in repeating the procedures periodically.i am going to list them out and maybe you're already doing them, it doesn't matter, just keep at it it will do you much good and save you lots of cash on the long run.

  • Buy your laptop a fancy scratch proof protective back cover it will keep it new and still help retain a lot of its physical appearance value if in any case you decide to sell it on eBay or Amazon for a new one I've done so a couple of times and its really rewarding.I easily sell it almost at new price though I let my buyer know its been used fairly.

  •  Always keep your laptop on a safe haven where no one can step on it mistakenly. if you like browsing with your laptop on the doorway that's a bad habit and a costly one at that. Don't leave your laptop on a couch you might sit on it or someone else might.Don't leave your gadget with a hyperactive kid he will get adventurous this based on experience.

  • Stay away from dust and try to keep your room dust free it will do you as well as your laptop real good.Get a mild air blast of some sort  and blow you Personal laptop some nice jets of air.You can get a vacuum cleaner of some sort- not the floor type and perform a cleaning every  weekend.From the keyboard and into the innards that is if you are technically able to open your laptops innards.

  • Get some screen wiper to clean the surface of your laptop screen keeping it all free of grease dirt stains and blemishes.note these screen wipers are special and don't scratch the delicate lcd 
screen wiper

  • Avoid using a laptop bare without optimum antivirus protection don't  fall short on that.If someone has a removable media and insist on copying maybe a file or two from you don't open the flash drive .JUST RIGHT CLICK select send to removable media and that's it but always  make sure you have  a USB drive protection resident to check against autorun apps

  • Get a laptop cool looking backpack which you can carry your laptop with especially in a very crowded street.This protects you from needless exposure, accidental fall ,and other unforeseen occurrence or mishap 

  • Get an external hard drive to backup your files,and don't ever cross the storage threshold of your laptop hardisk or you are simply telling it to crash.Can you cram your brain to the brim without going bonkers?likewise your laptop.just always take a view of the remaining memory space so that you can Know how much more to use or not use.

I know by now you must have answered my question right at the beginning... pretty tough huh! you thought it was easy to guess of the top of your head


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