What Laptop Should I Buy?

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Have you ever come to the cross roads where making the right buying decision became a real pain in the ass.
I have... 

And you  tried to make a determined buying decision only to find yourself moving in a circle  not knowing what right choice to make.

A Little short story Long ago...

There was a time I wanted to buy a gadget I loved so much and waited to obtain ,I Worked , saved and finally I had the money to purchase my hearts desire.Then  there I was  standing at the roadside store where I wanted to make the purchase but I froze when I saw the Gadget but not only one brand, and not only one design ,and not only one size but zillions of them all attractive and sweetly saying to me 'buy me' ,overwhelmed, I couldn't make a single clear decision so turned around and  went straight home...defeated!

But I learned One Big Lesson
        Make a Plan Before You Buy...

You must have been In the same rut like I was and that's why you are here reading this all important blog to help you  sort out things especially now that you want to buy that so adorable laptop.Its a good thing, and I think I can help you.Before we commence you need to answer some real fog clearing questions to help define what your need really is and then I'll go ahead to make  some suggestions based on 12 years of laptop buying experience which you can apply successfully.

As competing computer companies these days seem to effortlessly churn out hordes of amazing laptops all coming in different shapes, sizes ,and heartthrobing  break-the-bank designs and faster than one can draw out money from the pocket, visiting a laptop showroom can definitely become a terrible decision nightmare

Now the Question

Now lets answer some questions  Shall we...
Question NO.1

What Brand Of laptop Did You Have In Mind?

Of course you must have had a particular  brand in mind which you must have come across somewhere maybe on TV commercials,magazines or on the Internet.FYI there are various named brand of laptops you can choose from Starting from the major laptop computer producing companies listed below
  • DELL
  • SONY
  • HP
  • ASUS
  • ACER

You can choose from any of the above name brand laptops and get a bang for your bucks.They all produce top notch high end and budget targeted laptop systems which you can avail yourself and buy.Now lets commence to answer the next vital question on the rung. chances are that by the time we're through with this simple exercise you'll have a better clear decision making experience.Enter question number two.

Question NO.2
What Do You Want To Use The laptop for?

 What do you want to use the laptop for... is it
  • For Gaming?
  • For Productivity and extension of your office?
  • For photo music and video editing?
  • For convenience and its aesthetics?

Or ,if you are like me  you want it to  add some kind of pizzazz to the way you look  and work.one thing is certain there must be an underlying reason why you need it and that reason is the safest guide for you to follow.Now if You are a game fanatic and chose gaming then you need a laptop that features high end graphics card, fast processor,large  memory storage,long hour battery,and wide screen with high resolution for sharp crisp display.I'm going to give you some specs which you can take note of when you want to shop for a gaming laptop.

Gaming laptop specification 

  •  High-end graphics card-  NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX660M 2GB with DirectX® 11
  • Cpu/Chipset-  3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM (2.40GHz 6MB Cache)
  • Lcd Display size-15.6"-17" LED backlit HD display (1366x768)
  • Ram Capacity 6GB (DDR3)
  • Harddisk Capacity-HDD: 750GB (5,400 rpm)
  •    Up to 5 hours (6-cell battery power.)  
  •    6 to 8 high speed USB ports

  • To help you out more checkout the following high end gaming laptops from ASUS,LENOVO,ALIENWARE and the o! juicy APPLE

LENOVO-IDEAPADY580 gaming laptop

Apple MacBook  PRO Retina display


For Basic Productivity and Office Work

You need  a laptop with good  graphic s ,fast processor, 80GB of storage,2GB Volatile Memory(RAM)  Wide screen for  viewing spread sheets ,and lasting battery features for doing office work as well as for surfing the  internet.

Productivity Laptops Specification
  •  Processor - 2.4GHz core i 3 processor Intel i3-2350M
  • hard disk capacity- 350-500 GB of memory space
  • RAM-2GB at least
  • Integrated speakers with surround system
  • 17inch wide screen display
  • light weight about 4.4 pounds
an example of A VERY good productivity laptop is

For Sound,video and photo editing purposes

You need High end graphics card,high quality sound card system,lots  and lots of memory due to sound and video files WHICH are often large and can eat a lot of memory space.Photo editing also requires a high end graphics card plus crisp high resolution HD lcd display to accurately display high resolution pixels.
You can use the Gaming Laptop specifications above to have an idea of what features to expect

For convenience and aesthetics consider ultra slim portable light weight 
laptops and that's where Apple and HP come First position!But good things don't come cheap I Wish they were, honestly so to speak but the're not.The moment they become cheap they lose out a lot of goodies in them or a weasel compromise will be put to full force,anyways...

Now, on to the last but most important million dollar question well.well well and here it is .

Question NO.3

Do you Have the green bill  to Buy your Dream Laptop?

If you do then  maybe  you should  eh buy me some coffee will ya  whatcha think?but if you don't then you need to make plans on how to buy a laptop that you can afford. Some of the Laptops mentioned above are indeed expensive.but some can be found on 100 hot Laptop Prices real cheap 

Finally you made it to the end! congratulations!Now take a pen and a paper tuck yourself away in the closet and make a plan considering BRAND,USABILITY,Pizzaz,AND BUDGET and like I did Don't forget to  make a PLAN first off, it is that important.
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