Laptop Hacks

Is your laptop freezing most of the time?

When you open multiple pages on a browser  does it  pause for what seems like ages before it loads up the requested page then suddenly it shuts down or  reboots itself.Then your laptop needs some hacking  tweaking.

Laptops are from  are  not that perfect so once in a while they act up funny giving you some nail biting and finger twiddling moments. No laptop unfortunately is totally exempt from this age long problem. However there are real effective solutions which you can access in this article to help your laptop recover as well as save your self from further frustration and dissatisfaction.

First things first, 

Causes Of Laptop hanging and freezing 

what, IF WE MAY ASK, is the cause of  Laptops Hanging,freezing and getting stuck in the middle of say a processor intensive task.
 well, there are a lot of explainable reasons why laptops suddenly choose to become dumb,paralytic and act up like a dead horse those explained reasons point hand on  the following likely culprits below

  • Bad laptop Power Regulator
  • System Overheating
  • Insufficient RAM
  • Low End Processor
  • Outdated or missing Drivers
  • Malwares
  • Adwares 
  • Spywares
  • Viruses
  • Laptop Registry issues 

we now know  some of the most  common cause of laptop freezing and hanging we will commence to some real solutions to apply in solving this horrible freezing menace.
The first three items in our list above involves our laptop's hardware  while the remainder items on our list involves its software,so we are going to be applying Hardware and software solutions in order to  solve laptops hanging problem

leave the Bad LAPTOP POWER REGULATOR'S SOLUTION  in the care of your technician cause that one particular Problem is best taken care of by a skilled Laptop technician DON'T try to take apart your laptop if you don't have the technical skills

Unless, of course, you want to have a fried laptop PC at the end of the whole sweat filled performance :)

System Over Heating Solution

Feel your laptop chassis, carefully, because it may be hot to the touch or even hot enough to even cause some burn. Heat spots are common around the vents and hinge that is the joint point of your laptop, and on the underside of the system. Also do a visual inspection of the vents. If there is anything preventing proper ventilation, the heat increase may be causing the problem.

Do this to reduce the over heating tendencies of your Laptop-PC.
Buy an air blastCan. Its usually a pressurized container of air; its cheap and affordable and can help you clean up the accumulated dust  that  clogs up the fan cooling unit of your laptop.It comes in handy at all times and can be easily carried along with you.

Again you can try going somewhere air conditioned.Note, in this type of heat caused laptop hanging once the over heating goes away by  cooling the unit or  giving it some air blast the laptop resumes its normal operational ability. 

Insufficient RAM

You laptops RAM  is used for storing short term data while it is accessed by various programs running in the background, and as a result, your laptop needs to have extra free space remaining while it holds data and permit programs using it.You sholud have at least 2GB of RAM to ensure that your LAPTOP HAVE THE EXTRA FREE 'Breathing' space it needs to run and hold programs data.

Here's Why

When a Laptop computer uses up all the available RAM it has, it opts to start using the hard drive to cache data, which is way too slower. The constant transfer of data between RAM and virtual memory (hard drive memory) slows a computer down considerably. Especially when it tries to load applications or files.

How to check the size of your Laptop Installed RAM?
Do this

  • Click start>my computer>view system information (XP Proffessional)
  •  click start> Control Panel> System and Maintenance> then clicking System(windows 7)
  • Click PC settings,> PC and devices on the left side>Click onPC info on the left side of PC and devices.> close PC (windows 8)

 Suggested solutions
after you have done the necessary check I recommend that you buy a larger RAM If you find that your  laptop RAM isn't up to  2GB  Minimum.Most programs these days require you to have at least 2GB of RAM to run them especially if you are the laptop gaming type.You can check on my previous post on how to get the best  configuration for a good laptop gaming experience .If you are financially challenged at the moment to afford a new RAM then try
uninstalling some of the software you rarely use that are occupying memory space and perhaps is running in background ie some downloader software, can offer some help.

Also don't open and run too many applications or open too many tabs on your browser.If you can stick to these you might well likely escape the freezing torment or you can try software that enhance processor performance,softwares like game booster.

If a program is unresponsive, try closing it through the Task Manager.You can access this tool by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del,ON on your keyboard but for a faster track, you can also use Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

Low end Processor

That's just what is commonly expected   (some of the time but not all of the time) of a low-end laptop processor.
The processor, memory and video card are the most important components when determining performance in a laptop computer.when these important components are of low grade they tend to suffer and experience more chills and stuttering

Suggested solution
Ugrade your processors if it has an upgradeable option

Use  game booster.This program is used by laptop PC game lovers.What it does is to shut down unnecessary background processes and services while active, freeing up CPU and RAM as well as improve FPS

Driver updates 

If your drivers  becomes outdated  your laptop begins to show its telltale signs by hanging,shutting down or freezing up for long periods .sometimes when we perform a format of our laptop system  drivers are wiped away in the process which we need to restore by way of first determining the necessary drivers which have become corrupt or missing and by commencing to make updates via windows drivers update support or by going to the laptop's product site to make download copy of the required driver.

To view your available drivers do this

Click start>my computer>view system information>hardware>Device manager

look around the list of hardware installed on your laptops system to see if you can find any of the devices highlighted in yellow and with a question mark.If there is then it means there's a driver not working properly or is missing which means you'll have to make a driver update of your system.

To do an update using your windows update manager do this

click start>my computer>view system information>automatic updates


malwares can cause a laptop a lot of problems including hanging and freezing moments  these malicious programs are often gotten when you browse xxx sites.sometimes a malware infection can totally damage your laptop and render it useless to you .This calls for the use of suitable antimalware softwares to guard against an infection.Using an antimalware with an antivirus software will offer suitable protection .

Suggested antimalware software

 is malwarebyte a very powerful antimalware software that combats malware infection successfully.It comes with a lot of repair tools which you can utilize effectively to get rid of malwares from your laptop and get it working again.It has a free version and a paid version but the free version still come with a lot of premium features which you can use for the mean time till you can afford a paid one.

For adwares

use any good adware removal software like ad aware software program.Find one on CNET.COM download it to your system and run the program to spot and remove adware. Spybot search and destroy software can also be utilized to achieve the same end.

Don't decline to contact your laptop's manufacturer's tech support, either. Many problems will pop up due to system specific issues, such as a known software bug or flawed component, and they will be able to not only help you determine what the problem is, they will also be equipped to help you fix it. That is if the laptop is still under warranty.
The second option is to approach a local repair shop or technician. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of potential freeze-inducing problems that can arise in one laptop, and a bit of knowledge will go a long way toward figuring out what that problem is and how to fix it.


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